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Superseded to TRP1234YFA

R-1234yf Leak Detection Kit

Item Number: TRP1234YF    Supplier: TRACER PRODUCTS

Product discontinued, to be replaced by new kit.  Lead-time 90 days.


Tracer Products, the world’s leak detection leader, brings you this complete kit equipped with everything needed to pinpoint refrigerant leaks in R-1234yf air conditioning systems. Add florescent dye to the system, let it circulate, then scan components, hoses and lines with the included leak detection flashlight. All leaks are revealed with a brilliant glow! To verify fix, the dye safely remains in the system following repairs. Kit supplied to service three vehicles, additional dye capsules can be ordered, see “Includes” for part number.


  • High-intensity, rechargeable Li-ION battery, True UV (violet light) leak detection flashlight with a 20' inspection range
  • Co-solvent free, R-1234yf, single-dose Mini-EZ™ disposable fluorescent dye cartridges
  • R-1234yf low-side hose/coupler with purge fitting for fast, easy, and mess-free dye injection. Made of non-corroding, long lasting refrigeration-grade hose and brass hardware.
  • Environmentally friendly dye cleaner/remover removes all traces of dye from repaired leak sites so repairs can be verified


  • TRP8655          OPTI-PRO Plus - cordless on-board charging, true UV LED flashlight with lithium-ion rechargeable battery, smart AC charger and fluorescence enhancing glasses
  • TRP9845          EZ-Ject™ Injector Assembly
  • TRP128021      R-1234yf Hose/Coupler (8") with Check Valve and Purge Fittings
  • TRP121107      Medium Black Carrying Case
  • TRP120884      GLOW-AWAY™ Dye Cleaner 8 oz.
  • (3) R-1234yf Mini-EZ™ Dye Cartridges 
  • Underhood Labels (not shown)

Replacement Items


One year limited warranty

Product Specifications

  • Case Dimensions: 10-1/2"W x 8-1/4"H x 3-1/4"D
  • Weight: 2.6 lbs.

  • Honda Dealers: See Service Bulletin 07-030 A/C Leak Detection
  • Acura Dealers: See Service Bulletin 07-025 A/C Leak Detection
  • This leak dye kit is not to be used in A/C systems using an electrically driven compressor.