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Superseded to MTRDCA8000PA

Acura Battery Diagnostic Station with AST/CVGM

Item Number: MTRGR8ACAMA    Supplier: MIDTRONICS INC

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Acura Battery Diagnostic Station with AST Module, CVGM Vehicle Interface and Printer
The GR8-1100P AST is a complete battery solution for your shop, providing not only quick and efficient assessment of a batteries condition but now also allows you to run a starter and alternator test.

Same great unit you know and love with additional new features!


  • Includes CVGM Vehicle Interface
    - Wireless interface between vehicle and Midtronics GR8 Battery Diagnostic Station
    - Captures and communicates to the GR8 the following: VIN, Engine RPMs, and Headlight Status
    - Audible alert when connection with the GR8 has been lost
    - Includes USB cable to support firmware updates
  • Enables Automated Alternator Diagnostics
    - Required Warranty Code as required by Acura Service Bulletin 12-001 (January 2012)
    - Utilizes GR8 loads to full field test alternator
    - Customized test by model
    - Capable of Diagnosing all MY 2000 and later Acura Alternators
  • Enables starter evaluation
  • Wireless capable (pending future software development)
  • Provides optimum battery testing and SOC (state-of-charge) in the shortest possible time to ensure battery performance for client vehicles or vehicles on the lot. Generates a battery warranty test code for all battery conditions
  • Dynamic conductance technology combined with advanced charge control provides fast and accurate results
  • MOSFET Soft Switch charging technology
  • Integrated temperature sensor improves safety and diagnostic charging capabilities
  • Honda customized algorithms for testing and charging
  • Recovery charge mode helps recover hard-to-charge batteries
  • Top-off charging lets you trickle-charge batteries when desired
  • Integrated, roll-around cart design puts the controls at the user's level
  • Integrated printer


  • Acura AST Module
  • MTRCVGM        CVGM Vehicle Interface
  • MTRA129          Charger Cable
  • MTRA095          1 roll thermal printer paper (Reorder quantity is 6 roll/pkg.)
  • MTRA018N        Inductive Amp Clamp
  • MTR130000185  Extended Serial Cable - 10 ft. 
  • MTRA141          Printer for GR8
  • MTR214000007 GR-8 Wi-Fi Antenna


  • MTRA128          GR8 USB to mini USB cable
  • MTRA305          GR8 Rubber End Caps and Straps Replacement Set


Battery Tester/Charger, CVGM Vehicle Interface, and Printer - free of defects in material and workmanship for 2 years
Battery Tester/Charger and Printer cables - free of defects in material, and workmanship for 1 year

Product Specifications

  • Charging current: 0-60 amps, 1 amp resolution; 80 peak amps
  • Charging voltage: Up to 17 volts, 0.1 volt resolution
  • Display: LCD graphics display
  • Housing material: Acid-resistant ABS plastic
  • Package dimensions: 660.4 mm W x 914.4 mm H x 482.6 mm D (26"W x 26"H x 19"D) on 762 mm x 762 mm (30" x 30") pallet
  • Weight: 110 lbs.

  • Meets Acura requirements for battery testing
  • The charger requires a dedicated 15-amp AC receptacle
  • An extension cord should not be used unless absolutely necessary.  If an extension cord must be used, make sure to follow the recommendation found on page 7 of the instruction manual
  • To obtain service, contact Midtronics for a Return Authorization number, and return to Midtronics freight prepaid, USA Toll Free: 1-800-776-1995 Phone: 1-630-323-2800