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Tool Rental Criteria

Acura and SBS will determine which tools the program will offer as a rental to the aftermarket customers. The factors used to determine rental will be frequency of use, and cost.

Tool Rental Details

To rent one of the items identified above, a rental agreement that must be completed, signed, and returned to initiate the rental process. Please call Customer Care 1-866-346-8858 if you have any questions.

The customer will be responsible for all shipping costs. The customer may provide SBS with a UPS or FedEx account number that will be charged for outbound and return shipping. The tool will ship FOB from Pleasant Prairie, WI to the customer via expedited delivery and will be returned to SBS via expedited delivery.

A security deposit will be required on all rentals. This money will be collected and charged to your credit card up front and refunded upon a successful return of the rental minus rental fees, shipping charges, and credit card processing fees. Customer Care will contact you for your credit card information.

Tools will be shipped to the customer in customized cases if needed. These cases are constructed to protect the tool during transport. Security bands may be applied to the case latches to identify any tampering during transit. The cases will also incorporate a custom foam insert that will help identify all parts that are shipped with the tool. The case should be opened immediately upon arrival and the tool inspected. If any damage, tampering, or missing parts are noted, SBS must be contacted immediately 1-866-346-8858.

Rental period is 3 business days excluding time in transit.

The tool can be in your possession for 3 business days and on the 3th business day, you must contact the appropriate carrier (UPS or FedEx) to pick up the tool that day for return to SBS.

If the initial rental period is exceeded, this will result in an additional rental fees charged to the customer.

Rental tools not returned per the signed rental agreement will result in the customer being placed on credit hold until the issue is reconciled.

Rental tools cannot be purchased.

Customers already on credit hold or assigned prepay credit limits are not eligible for the rental program.

All rental tools will be inspected prior to outbound shipping and an inventory and inspection sheet will be included with the tool along with return instructions and additional security bands for the return shipment to SBS. All tools must be returned in clean and usable condition.

Upon return to SBS, the tool will be cleaned and inspected. If missing parts or damage to the tool is identified, SBS will decide if and to what extent a customer will be charged for the damage or missing components.