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Program Overview

Program Introduction

Our Vision:
To provide our customers with a simple and effective program that offers you the ability to purchase “best in class” tools and equipment at the lowest possible price.

Program Advantages:

The Acura Tool and Equipment Program offers dealers these advantages:

  • One-stop shopping for all your service tool and equipment needs.
  • Equipment specifically selected for its performance on Acura products.
  • Products to enhance a Parts Department’s capacity and efficiency.
  • Email support will be provided by selecting this link between the hours of 8 AM CST and 4 PM CST
  • Administered by a proven leader in the tool and equipment industry

Customer Service

One of the Snap-on Business Solutions business objectives is to deliver a superior level of customer service satisfaction through a total commitment to quality and value. If you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions, please contact a customer service representative from 7:30 AM until 7:00 PM CST, Monday through Friday by using the toll-free phone number, 1-888-4-AHM-TLS (1-888-424-6857) . Our representatives will be happy to assist you in any way they can.

General Information

On-line Catalog:
Throughout the on-line catalog’s product pages, you will find a feature called "Service Tips." These tips call attention to a piece of equipment or a process that uses a tool and can be helpful to maximize the use of the equipment.

Images shown in product catalog may not be the actual product but are representative of the product.

All pricing within the catalog is subject to change without notice. All product designs, specifications and features are also subject to changes without notice.

How to Locate an Items in the Catalog:
You can navigate through your equipment program on-line catalog in several ways:
  • The search box in the middle of the header is an easy way to find an item by typing a keyword or exact program model number.
  • The Table of Contents is the starting point to find your item through menu navigation.

How to Order

We offer three convenient ways to order:
  • To order through this on-line catalog, use the On-line Catalog tab to enter the catalog, select items for purchase, and then use the checkout process to finalize your purchase.
  • To order by phone, call 1-888-4-AHM-TLS (1-888-424-6857) or 262-656-7933. Customer service representatives are available from 7:30 AM until 7:00 PM CST, Monday through Friday.
  • To order by fax, click on the Program Info tab > Forms > Printable Fax Order Form and download the PDF form or you can copy the fax form included with any New Product Notice Complete either form, and send it to 1-800-347-6404 or 262-656-5602
All orders will be acknowledged by fax within 24 working hours, so be sure to include your fax number and e - mail address on the fax order form. < br /> < br /> You can also order by mail; complete an order form, and mail it to this address:  

Acura Tool and Equipment Program
2801 - 80th Street
Kenosha, WI 53143

Price Information
Purchasing through the program offers every day low prices. Current pricing is listed on the product pages of the on-line catalog. If you need pricing assistance or are unable to locate an item, contact a customer service representative at: 1-888-4-AHM-TLS (1-888-424-6857) or 262-656-7933. We will be happy to provide you with the appropriate information.

Freight Policy
When not included in the purchase price of the equipment, freight charges are added to the price of the equipment and charged to you. A freight estimate can be provided upon request.

Warranty Warranty information about products in this program is summarized on each catalog page. You will notice that, in many instances, suppliers have extended the warranty period beyond the standard time, specifically for the Honda Tool and Equipment Program. Where extended warranties are provided, they are noted in bold print at the product listing in the catalog.

The manufacturers of the equipment in this catalog issue their own warranty and support it accordingly. Please contact a program customer service representative if you need help with obtaining warranty information or coordinating warranty service.

Price Matching and Payment Options

We will meet or beat the lowest competitive price* for products (same brand and model number) included in the program!

Large purchases, often required when a dealership is being built or remodeled, can be custom bid through the free Facility Planning service offered by your programs local Regional Manager. Contact a program customer service representative to take advantage of this cost saving free service. Related info can be found by clicking on the Facility Planning tab.

*Written verification of price is required (supplier quotation, advertisement or equivalent). This policy is limited to new, current models delivered from the manufacturer's stock. Inventory liquidation and going-out-of-business sales are not included. Prices resulting from rebates, trade-ins, demos, or free merchandise offers, along with special services such as installation or delivery and special financing offers, are excluded.

Payment Options
Bill to Balance Forward Account:
  • This payment option is subject to credit approval upon receipt at Snap-on Business Solutions - American Honda.
  • Freight, installation charges, and applicable taxes (when not included in the purchased price), are added to the equipment price and included in the amount.
  • Cost for installation (other than the typical/normal installation charge) is the dealer's responsibility and may not be added to the purchase price of the equipment.
30,60,90 day billing to balance-forward account
(A $3000 minimum purchase is required. All orders are subject to credit approval upon receipt at EQS/AHM. Dealer must be enrolled in ACH to qualify.)

Direct Billing from EQS
Net 30-day billing (outside of the AHM balance forward account)

Lease Through EQS or a Leasing Company of your Choice:
All financing decisions must be made when the equipment is ordered. Leasing through Snap-on Business Solutions has these advantages:
  • Provides up to 100 percent financing
  • Conserves capital
  • Offers competitive rates

Leasing Terms:
Lease Amount Maximum Term
$0 to $14,999 N/A
$15,000 to $49,999 72 Months
$50,000 and over 84 Months
Subject to change without notice.

Requirements (subject to change without notice):
  • For equipment items only
  • $1.00 buyout at the end
  • Proof of insurance needed for leases over $15,000
  • Financial statement is required for lease amounts over $50,000
  • First and last payments required at time of purchase
Call 1-888-4-AHM-TLS (1-888-424-6857) or 262-656-7933 for a quote.

Delivery, Installation and Training

Delivery of Equipment:
Snap-on Business Solutions makes an effort to ensure that, when possible, large equipment, such as Special Tools Storage Cabinets, are delivered on trucks equipped with hydraulic tailgates to facilitate unloading. However, unloading of equipment is your responsibility. You should ensure that a fork lift or equivalent is available at the time of delivery of the equipment.

Setup and Installation
Some equipment in the program requires professional installation. Suppliers in the program will use their factory-trained people or a factory authorized independent installer.

A customer service representative will contact you regarding installation after your order is placed.

Any installation outside the normal installation required for the equipment (such as moving or installing power sources, air lines, ventilation, drains, or any other form of facility modification) is your responsibility.

On most major pieces of equipment, the supplier provides equipment operation training at no additional cost. The training covers controls, safe operation of the equipment, and maintenance requirements.

Assistance in Sale of Used Equipment

In the event that an existing piece of equipment is replaced with an item purchased through the Tool and Equipment Program and the item is in saleable condition, Snap-on Business Solutions will assist you with the resale of that piece of equipment by putting you in contact with interested parties. Please provide Snap-on Business Solutions with several color photos along with the make and model number as well as any other information that would be of interest such as years in use, service history, etc. Snap-on Business Solutions will make this information available to our field sales force, local equipment installers, and /or the supplier. They will contact you if interested.

Environmental Awareness

  • Please make sure everyone understands the importance of environmental awareness and practice.
  • Handle all fluids with care. Recycle when possible. Always handle hazardous waste properly.
  • Call the 'GreenLink' environmental hotline, operated by the Coordinating Committee for Automotive Repair, if you have questions about environmental compliance:

    Phone toll-free: 1-800-GRN-LINK

Acura Tool and Equipment Program Suppliers

Supplier Name Prefix Product Description
A & Reds Transmission Parts AAR Engine Hanger
Airsept Inc. AIR A/C Odor Treatments
America Kowa Seiki AKS Bore Gauges, Dial Indicator, Dial Indicator Magnetic Base, Micrometers
American Aimers HOP Headlamp Aiming Kit and Adaptors
American Lube AML Bar Dispensers, Fluid Control Handles, Hose Reels, Pumps, Waste Oil Equipment
AMMCO/Hennessy Industries AMM Rim Clamp Tire Changer, Cylinder Hone
Astro Pneumatic Tool Co APT Paint Strainers, Sockets
Balcrank BCK Hose Reels and Accessories, Lubricant Control Handles, Oil Bar Dispenser, Grease Pumps, Drum Pumps, Waste Oil Systems and Accessories
Barnes Distribution CUR Key Machines
Blair Equipment Co BLR Rotabroach® Hole Cutting Kit
Borroughs Corporation BGH Shelving & racks
Branick Industries BRN Brake Bleeders, Strut Spring Compressor
Broadway Equipment BRE Car Driers, Car Washes, Power Vac, Rinse System, Water Reclaim System
Brown Line Metalworks, LLC BLM Digital Torque Angle Gauge
Brush Research BRM Cylinder Hones
Canon U.S.A, Inc CNU Digital Cameras
Car-O-Liner Company CAR, CRC Collision Equipment: Computerized Measuring System; Rack; Spot Welder
CDI Torque Products CDI Torque Screwdriver, Torque Wrenches
Central Tools, Inc. CNT Light Reels, Precision Measuring Tool - Brake Drum Wear Gauge, Straight Edge, Underhood Light
Challenger Lifts CLF Aquavantage™ lift
Champion, A Gardner Denver Co. CHA Air Compressors, Air Receivers, Lubricants
Chief Automotive Technologies CAS Collision Repair Equipment
Clore Automotive LSL, CAP Battery Charger, Booster Cart
Dee-Blast Corporation DEB Aqueous Parts Washer
Dell Corning Corporation DLC Consumable Products
E-Z Red Company EZR Computer Memory Saver.
Fluke FLU Automotive Testers and Accessories, Lab Scope and Accessories
Fred V. Fowler Co., Inc. FFL Micrometers, Small Hole Gauge Set, V-Blocks and Clamps, Vernier Calipers, Dial Indicators, Disk Rotor Runout/Ball Joint Gauge, Dial Indicator Stand
Graco GRC Waste Oil Drain
G-Tec Inc GTH Flow Meter Equipment
Harvey Industries, Inc. HRV Carbon Monoxide and Toxic Fume Removal Systems/Accessories
Hassel Material Handling Co HMH Hazardous Material Equipment
Highland Tank HGT Bulk Oil Storage Tanks
Hopkins Manufacturing Corp. HOP Trailer Hitch Wiring Tester Kit
Hunter Engineering Co. HUN Alignment Lift Racks and Jacks, Computerized Wheel Alignment Systems, Tire Changers, Wheel Balancer
Ingersoll-Rand IRC Air Tools — Impact Wrenches
John Dow Industries JDO Vehicle Exhaust Extraction System
J S Products/Steelman JSP ChassisEar, EngineEar, Accessories, and Hand Tools
Kaba Ilco Corporation ILC Key Blanks, Key Code Duplicators and Accessories, Key Cutting Equipment
Kwik-Way KWY Combination Bench Brake Lathe, On-Car Disc Brake Lathe and Accessories
LEM Inc LEM Rivet Nut Tool
Lisle Corp LIL Hand tools
Lista International LIS Parts and tool storage cabinets
Marshalltown Company MHL Hard Rubber Roller
Marson / Alcoa Fastening Systems MAR Rivet Nut Tool
Merchant & Merchant/
Kenwood Communications
KEN Two-Way Radios
Met-L-Chek MCE Leak Detection
Midtronics MTR, INB Battery Diagnostic Station, Battery Analyzer
Milwaukee Electric Tool Corp. MLW Reversible Electric Drill
Minuteman International, Inc. MNT Floor Scrubber
Neway Mfg. NWY Valve Seat Cutter Kit and Accessories
New Pig NWP HazMat containment, oil spill absorbant material
Norco Industries, Inc. NRI Engine Stand, Floor Crane, Jack Stands, Mid-Rise Lift, Service Jacks, Shop Presses and Accessories, Transmission Jack, Under-Hoist Stands
NU-DI Corporation NUD Antenna tools
Oetiker, Inc. OET Pincer Pliers
Omegasonics OME Parts Washers
Power Probe PRP Electric Brake Bleeder, Brake Pressure Bleeder Adaptors, Hydraulic Clutch Pressure Bleeder Adaptor
Pro-Cut International PCI On-Car Brake Lathe
Pro Motorcar Products, Inc. PRC Paint Thickness Gauges
Pro Spot International, Inc. PRO Spot Welders
Pyromatic, Inc. PYR Hygro-Thermometer
Robert Bosch Corporation ACC On-Car brake lathe accessories
Rotary Lift ROT Above-Ground, Two- and Four-Post Lifts and Accessories, In-Ground Lifts
S.A. Meier Co., Inc. SAM Spring Scales
SAS Safety SSC Hard Hat, Ear Plugs Ü Foam, Ear Muff and Banded Style, Face Shield, Goggles, Safety Glasses, Wrist Support, Latex Gloves, Derma-Lite Nitrile Gloves, Knee Pads
Schley Products SCP Offset Harmonic Damper Pulley Holder, Piston Ring Compressor
SCI, Spectrum Composites SPT Mobile technician diagnostic cart
Service Solutions US, LLC KMT Two Jaw Pullers, Storage Systems, A/C Service Tools, Coolant/Battery Tester, Cooling System Flusher, Refrigerant Monitor, Slide Hammer
Service Solutions US, LLC OTC Engine Stand Transmission Adaptor, Filter Crushers, Load Rotor Positioning Sling, Power Train Lift, Wheel Hub Puller Attachment, Slide Hammers, MVCI, Mobile Technician Diagnostic Cart
Service Solutions US, LLC ROB A/C Recovery, Recycling & Recharging Stations, A/C Maintenance and Accessories, Vacuum Pumps, Manifold Gauge Sets, A/C Contaminated Refrigerant Recovery Station, Heater Blanket
Service Solutions US, LLC TIF A/C Charging Scale, Digital Thermometer, Leak Detector and Accessories
Shure Manufacturing Co. SHU Portable Shop Carts, Workcenters, Benches, Tear-Down Benches
Simplex Time Recorder STR Time Clocks, Recorders and Accessories
Snap-on Build-A-Bay   Stationary tool storage
Snap-on Equipment, John Bean   Wheel alignment equipment
Snap-on Air Line Accessories, A/C Refrigerant Identifiers, A/C Accessories, Voltamp Meter, Brake Drum Wear Gauge, Cooling System Adaptors, Dynamometers, Emission Analyzers, Magnetic Special Tool Holder, Safety Glasses and Goggles, Type, Torque Wrenches, Engine Stand and Drip Pan, Engine Service Tools, Lube Bay Accessories, Pullers, Timing Light, Tire Service Tools, Hand Tools, Cordless Tools
SPX UK LTD TDS HDS parts & accessories, GNA600 parts & accessories, HIM parts & accessories
Stanley Vidmar STN Special Tool Storage Cabinets
Synnex, Panasonic Solutions   Laptop
Time Fastener Co., Inc. TFC Drain Plug and Thread Repair Kits
TPI Corporation TPC Air Circulators
Tracer Products (Div Spectronics) TRP A/C leak detection products
Upland Screw Machine SIL Engine Hanger Adapter, Balance Bar Adapter, Door Trim Tool
Uview Corporation UVU ATF Leak Detection Kit
Versafab VSB Engine Hanger Adaptors, Subframe Adaptors, Transmission Adaptor
Vetronix Research Corp. VET Honda PGM Tester Accessories
Wesco Mfg. Co. WCO Hydraulic Lift Table and Truck
WMH Tool Group, Wilton Corp WIL Bench Vises and Grinders
WIS Associates TEM Tankers — Defueler/Refueler

Tool Safety

Safe tool use is everyone’s business, and responsibility. Wearing safety goggles is one of the most important things you can do, especially when working with striking tools or power tools that rotate. The products in this catalog are produced by a wide variety of manufacturers and they all provide good advice on how to use their products safely. We recommend that you read and follow all manufacturers’ warnings. Protect yourself and those around you.

Do It Safely! Wear Safety Goggles.
Use the Right Tools. Use the Tool Properly.
Maintain the Tool Regularly. Do It Right!