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Acura Special Tools 5 Cabinet Master Set

Item Number: STNACURA10    Supplier: SWS VIDMARLISTA


Acura Special Tools Five Cabinet Master Set
Includes three base cabinets, one double overhead cabinet, one single overhead cabinet, Barcode Scanner and all drawer liners, partitions, and dividers.


  • Three tall cabinets with 33 drawers featuring dedicated compartments for current and future Special Tools storage needs
  • Includes all drawer liners, partitions and dividers for organizing tools
  • Adding new Special Tools is easily done with the adjustable compartment design, tool stickers and extra dividers
  • Kick plates cover front and rear base to prevent loss of small objects under the cabinet
  • All cabinets are lockable with keyed alike locks
  • Full extension drawers each have a 400 lb. drawer capacity
  • Wide drawer pulls with large, readable vinyl protected labels
  • Every cabinet has a pallet base for easier moving
  • Heavy-duty all steel construction


  • New wireless barcode scanner makes inventory control and ordering of missing tools easier (Barcode scanner is to be used with existing inventory management or ordering system)
  • Consolidation of all Special Tools in a minimal area
  • Large bulkier items can be stored overhead
  • Maximum security for all of your Special Tools, cuts down on lost tools and costly replacements
  • Averts tool misplacement to keep work flow efficiency
  • System versatility provides room for future expansion
  • Inventory at a glance
  • Locating tools made easy as looking up tool number on the supplied index, going to the indicated drawer number, and finding the tool according to its number in the compartment.
  • Cabinets are supplied with the drawer liners and partitions/dividers already installed, reducing setup time


  • AVDLI4278   Barcode Scanner with Bluetooth
  • Three base cabinets
  • One double overhead cabinet
  • One single overhead cabinet
  • All drawer liners, partitions and dividers


NOTE: To upgrade the previous Acura Special Tools Cabinet Set (STNACURA05A or STNACURA04A), please order the appropriate upgrade model:
STNACURA11   Acura Special Tools Cabinet Upgrade Set 1 (to upgrade from STNACURA05A)
STNACURA12   Acura Special Tools Cabinet Upgrade Set 2 (to upgrade from STNACURA04A)


Lifetime warranty on cabinets (excluding labels, drawer liners).
5 year limited warranty against defects in workmanship and material for the Barcode Scanner.

Product Specifications

  • Cabinet Dimensions: 90.16"W x 87"H x 27.75"D
  • Shipping Weight: 1,630 lbs.