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Tire-Jim Complete Repair Center and Supplies

Item Number: JSP96284    Supplier: J S PRODUCTS INC


JS Products offers your dealership a tire repair center that frees up your tire installation equipment.  This handy center includes everything you need to repair tires including Michelin® Pax System™ tires.  It includes a sturdy cabinet to store all your small tools and tire repair products, reducing inventory loss and repair time.

If you dealership already has a Tire-Jim (spreader), there's a package for you too, which includes everything in the Start-Up Program, minus the Tire-Jim.  A third offer includes only the tools and supplies, minus the storage cabinet.


  • JSP97743*            Tire Jim
  • JSP97496*            Roller Base for Tire Jim
  • JSPJSG381         1/8" Patch/plug combo, box of 25, qty 1
  • JSPJSG382         1/4" Patch/plug combo, box of 25, qty 2
  • JSPG10105         Chemical cement, 8 oz can, qty 4
  • JSPG10110         Liquid buffer, aerosol can, qty 3
  • JSPG10106         Bead sealer, 1 quart can, qty 2
  • JSPG10107         Repair sealer, 16 oz can, qty 2
  • JSPSLP6510*       Buffer (2600 RPM), w/ rear exhaust hose, quick disconnect chuck
  • JSPSLP9201*       11/16" x 3/8" Chuck adaptor
  • JSPSLP9213*       15/16" Adaptor with set screw, 1/8"
  • JSPSLP9215*       15/16" Adaptor with set screw, 1/4"
  • JSPSLP9305A      Buffing wheel, tungsten carbide with adaptor
  • JSP18240             1/8" Tire dressing tool, DCB, carbide
  • JSP18241             1/4" Tire dressing tool, DCB, carbide
  • JSP00062             Crayons, yellow, box of 12
  • JSP75040*            Tire & tube test tank
  • JSP00029*            Stitcher, 1-1/2" wheel, standard
  • JSP00190*            Awl/probe
  • JSP00028-S*        Scraper, rubber cleaning



One year after date of purchase (items marked with *).  All other products are consumable items and not warrantied.


Only specially trained personnel , using the proper tools and procedures, should repair tires


  • Never repair tires with a tread puncture larger than 1/4" (6mm).
  • Never repair a tire without removing the tire from the rim/wheel assembly for internal inspection.
  • Never use only a plug or a patch to repair a puncture.
  • Never perform an outside-in tire repair or on-the-wheel repair.


  • Honda Service Bulletin A06-082, Tubeless Tire Repair information
  • The Rubber Manufacturers Association (RMA) Puncture Repair Procedures for Passenger and light trucks