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Superseded to JSP60635

Wireless ChassisEAR® Listening Device

Item Number: JSP97202    Supplier: J S PRODUCTS INC


The Wireless ChassisEAR® Listening Device detects squeaks and rattles throughout a car or truck chassis.


  • Noises can be transmitted up to 50 ft. from transmitter to receiver allowing Wireless ChassisEAR to be used on larger vehicles
  • Wireless Channel Receiver isolates up to 4 different transmitter locations
  • LED lights indicate the strength of signal of the active channel
  • Illuminated button indicates active channel at a glance
  • Adjustable volume control, On/Off switch
  • Listen to noises with the built-in speaker or connect through jack using earphones
  • No messy wires to string
  • Hear noises that can not be duplicated in the stall
  • Quickly pin-points source and location of noise
  • Allows technician to listen to gears, bearings and suspension while under load so problems can be more accurately pin-pointed


  • 6 AA batteries
  • 16 AAA batteries
  • Organizer pouch
  • Location identifier note pad
  • Instruction manual
  • Blow molded case
  • 4 Clamp-on inductive sensors


90 days