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Superseded to STNACURA10

Acura Special Tools Storage Cabinets (Tall with Overhead)

Item Number: STNACURA05A    Supplier: SWS VIDMARLISTA

Acura Special Tools Storage Cabinets - 2 Tall Cabinets, 19 drawers, with (1) required Overhead Storage Cabinet


  • Two tall cabinets with 19 drawers, featuring dedicated compartments for current Special Tools storage and room for future expansion. Includes on magnetic tool holder.
  • Includes one overhead storage cabinet.
  • All cabinets are lockable, with keyed alike locks.
  • Fully extendable drawers, each have a 400 lb. tool capacity.
  • Large legible labels identify the contents of each drawer by tool category. (i.e. Engine, Suspension/Brake, etc.)
  • Laminated drawer liners identify the contents of each compartment with a photo of the tool and its tool number.
  • Adding new Special Tools is easily done with the adjustable compartment design, tool stickers and extra dividers.
  • Heavy-duty construction. Manufactured by Stanley Vidmar, dedicated to quality and value.
  • Kick plates cover front and rear base to prevent loss of small objects under the cabinet.
  • Built-in pallet base for easy moving.


  • Excellent alternative to tool boards if wall space is not available.
  • Consolidation of all Special Tools in a minimal area.
  • Maximum security for all your Special Tools--cuts down on lost tools and costly replacements.
  • Keep technicians on the job--not looking for misplaced tools.
  • System versatility provides room for future expansion.
  • Inventory at a glance.
  • Easy way to locate tools-- just look up the tool number on the supplied index, go to the drawer number indicated to find the tool by the tool number in the compartment.
  • Cabinets are supplied with the drawer liners and partition/dividers already installed, reducing setup time.


  • MRB20                   Magnetic Special Tool Holder


Lifetime warranty excluding labels and drawer liners

Product Specifications

  • Dimensions: 87" h x 60" w x 30" d
  • Weight: 1,525 lbs.

  • Tool boards have been discontinued as of January 1, 2001 and will no longer be supported.
  • Cabinets are configured specifically for Honda and Acura Special Tools and are not interchangeable.