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Air Compressor (Duplex 15 hp, 250 gal, 3 phase)
Model: CHAHRA15D253
Superseded To:




Duplex, 15hp, 250 gallon horizontal tank, 3 phase motor


  • All units are completely assembled, pre-wired, pre-plumbed, ready to start-up.
  • Multi-finned cylinder for improved cooling.
  • Gasket-free integral cylinder head.
  • Totally enclosed belt guard.
  • NEMA electric motor.
  • ASME code air receiver and safety valve.
  • Pressure switch factory set for automatic operation.
  • Air pressure gauge 0 - 300 p.s.i.g.
  • Centrifugal unloader ensures loadless starts.
  • All units shipped with oil in crankcase.
  • Utilize two basic compressors and two motor assemblies mounted on a horizontal tank.
  • Alternator controls allow for single or dual unit operation.
  • Pre-wired, painted with a synthetic enamel and shipped with oil in the crankcase.
  • Equipped with two magnetic starters and an alternator relay. 

Massachusetts specifications

  • CHAMASS-1     For 60 or 80 gallon horizontal tank
  • CHAMASS-2     For 120 or 250 gallon horizontal tank  


  • CHAPO8908A     Reciprocating compressor oil, 5 gallon pail
  • CHAPO8909A     Reciprocating compressor oil, case of (4)
  • CHAPO9479A     Reciprocating compressor oil, case of (12)


The air compressors are also available on a 120 gallon tank. 250 gallon tanks are available for all 10 hp or greater compressors.

Note:  When ordering 5 - 10 hp duplex compressors for California add CHACAL1 for special structural frame.


Five year limited on compressor, no warranty on compressor oil as this is a consumable product.


Product Specification

Air-cooled Aftercooler2
Auto tank drainIncluded
c.f.m.@175 p.s.i.107.4
Dual ControlN/A
Low oil level switch2
Motor (hp)15(2)
Mounted Mag StarterIncluded
Tank size (gal.)250
Vibro IsolatorsIncluded

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