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Rotary Screw Compressor (25 hp)
Model: CHA25RCS
Superseded To:




Rotary screw compressor 25hp


  • Air cooled.
  • Air inlet filter.
  • Airpilot-microprocessor control.
  • Standard enclosure.
  • Aftercooler and oil cooler.
  • V-belt drive.
  • Automatic capacity control: load/no load and auto start/stop.
  • Pressure relief valve.
  • Auto restart after power failure.
  • Three-way oil thermostat.
  • Timer controlled drain trap.
  • Full voltage starter. 


  • CHARCEAD       Electric tank auto drain  
  • CHAP12909A     Rotorlub 8000, case of 12 quarts
  • CHAP12910A     Rotorlub 8000, case of (6) 1-gallon containers
  • CHAP12911A     Rotorlub 8000, 5-gallon pail
  • CHAP12934A     Rotorlub 8000, 55-gallon drum
  • CHAP12906A     Rotorlub 4000, case of 12 quarts
  • CHAP12907A     Rotorlub 4000, case of (6) 1-gallon containers
  • CHAP12908A     Rotorlub 4000, 5-gallon pail
  • CHAP12933A     Rotorlub 4000, 55-gallon drum


  • CHAZ1686     Vertical air receiver, 80 gallons
  • CHAZ1687     Vertical air receiver, 120 gallons
  • CHAZ1688     Vertical air receiver, 240 gallons
  • CHAZ1689     Vertical air receiver, 400 gallons

Notes: All compressor packages are available in 208/230/460/575 volt. Must specify voltage and phase when ordering.


Five year limited on compressors, one year on air receivers, no warranty on Rotorlub as this is a consumable product.


Product Specification

Approx. dimensions28" l x 42" w x 55"h
c.f.m. at 100 p.s.i.g.108
c.f.m. at 125 p.s.i.g.93
c.f.m. at 150 p.s.i.g.80
c.f.m. at 175 p.s.i.g.70
Motor25 hp
Noise level76 dBA

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