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Evolution Quiet Reciprocating Compressor (7.5hp, Tank, 1Ph)
Model: CHAHER7F81

Call 1-888-424-6857



Evolution Quiet Enclosed Reciprocating Compressor - 7.55 hp, Tank Mount, 208-230V/1 Phase/60 Hz.

Champion Evolution Compressors provide the advantages of a reciprocating compressor coupled with less noise and vibration. Loaded with rugged features, these compressors deliver high performance and tremendous value. As a result, Evolution compressors offer long, trouble-free service with maximum operating efficiency.


  • 5 & 7.5 hp models available
  • Pressure at 175 psig
  • 16.8 & 22.4 acfm at 175 psig
  • Tank or Base Mounted
  • Two Stage, Splash-Lubricated
  • Factory filled with ChampLub
  • Noise level as low as 67 dBA (12 dB less than an standard reciprocating compressor)


  • With noise levels of 67 dBA for 5hp and 68 dBA for 7.5 hp, the Evolution can be placed at the point of use.
  • Separate compressor and motor chambers with dedicated cooling circuits for cooler operation and longer life.
  • Oil site gauge for ease of monitoring and service.
  • Integrated heavy-duty air cooled aftercooler for up to 65% moisture removal.
  • Filter maintenance indicator for user-friendly monitoring. The graduated indicator monitors the compressor air filter. The position indicator progressively fills the window as air filter restriction increases and indicates the need for a filter change.
  • Industrial grade compressor with unique features including gasketless cylinder/head design, stainless steel valve disks and tapered roller main bearings for superior dependability.
  • Integral cylinder and head eliminating the possibility of blown head gaskets for leak-free, trouble-free operation.
  • Balanced aluminum alloy first stage piston(s) are weight matched to the cast iron second-stage piston(s) for proper balance and minimized vibration.
  • Lightweight, high-density, die-cast aluminum alloy connecting rods for minimal reciprocating weight. Precision-bored crank pin bearing and piston pin needle bearing are used to properly distribute bearing loads for longer bearing life than bushings.
  • Industrial grade, reliable, high-flow, low lift disc-type valves are made of corrosion resistant Swedish steel to ensure years of trouble free operation.
  • Tapered roller-type main bearings, providing full contact and support of the crankshaft, ensuring compressor durability and long-life.
  • Unique domed piston design for maximum air delivery and efficiency.


  • Mounted magnet starter
  • Air cooled aftercooler

Accessories - Installed Options for 5 & 7.5 hp Evolution Compressors

  • CHALOLM    Low Oil Level Monitor
  • CHAVI         Vibration Isolators
  • CHAMS       Moisture Separator
  • CHAATDE    Automatic Electric Tank Drain
  • CHADC1      Dual Control with HOA Switch
  • CHAHTS      High Temperature Switch


Prorated 5-Year Compressor Warranty

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