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Table of Contents Alignment, Wheel, and Brake Equipment Tire Changers

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Revolution Walk Away Tire Changer

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Price: $34,824.00



Revolution™ Tire Changer —The easiest tire changer to use in the industry. Tire Changing is an all day task, not a race for single tires. Assembly after assembly, the Revolution™ outpaces conventional equipment. The Revolution TCR1X with WalkAway makes bead breaking and demounting autonomous for tires 2-4 in a set. This can speed a 4-tire mount and balance operation by 25%, or much more!  


  • WalkAway™ Operation
    • 80-second unattended bead breaking and demounting process
    • When paired with wheel balancing, 25%+ time savings is possible
  • Automatic Adds Simplicity
    • Same procedure for all tires and wheels
    • Operator experience no longer a factor
  • “Go” Pedal Controls Operation
    • Press “Go” to make selection
    • Hold “Go” to to advance procedure
  • Space Saving Wheel Lift
    • Spindle lifts tire directly into position
    • Built-in wheel lift reduces overall footprint  
  • Intuitive touchscreen interface indicates operator’s current step and monitors progress
  • Camera monitors operation throughout to identify incorrect operation and verify proper work
  • Bead loosening rollers work best for widest variety of tires
  • Powered press arms assist on demand
  • Leverless tool head demounts without levers and prevents damage to tire and rim
  • Powerful pneumatic center clamp holds wheel secure


Call the Hunter Customer Service Department at 1-800-448-6848 for specific warranty information.

Product Specification

Air consumption1 SCFM (27 L/Min)
Air supply requirements125 ± 25 psi (8.6 ± 1.7 bar)
Bead loosening typeUpper / Lower Roller
Clamping typeCenter w/ Quick Clamp
Depth67 in (1,702 mm) Wheel lift up, 78 in. (1,981 mm) - Wheel lift down
Drivevariable up to 15 rpm CW / CCW, Torque: 875 ft-lbs (1186 Nm)
Height86 in. (2,184 mm)
Match mounting capableYes
Maximum tire diameter50 in. (1,270 mm)
Maximum wheel width15 in. (381 mm)
Mount / Demount ToolPolymer Self Inserting Leverless
Power requirements208-230V, 1 phase, 60Hz, 24A, NEMA 30 amp plug, L6-30P, 5,520 watts
Rim diameter range12 - 30 in. (305 - 762 mm)
Shipping weight1,856 lbs (842 kg)
Width52 in. (1,321 mm)

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